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The project work plan is divided into three distinct activities.

  • Research
  • Development
  • Demonstration

There are four major work  packages dedicated to the research activities:

The research related work packages have the following goals:

  • In the case of out of tolerance production what corrective actions should to taken (WP1).

  • How the profiles can be measured while hot and still on the press (WP2)

  • How to predict the dimension that the profiles will take on cooling down and contracting (WP3)

  • How to mount, move and configure the measurement system on the press (WP4)

Work package 1, will be lead by TECALUM an aluminium extruder, will research the thermo dynamic and process related properties for different profile types providing guidelines to what corrective actions should to taken in the case of out of tolerance production.

Work Package 2, lead by KENTEC a machine vision company, will research and identify the sensor technologies to be used in the measurement system. Precision alignment and measurement techniques will be researched to make 2D and 3D measurements of the profiles while hot and dilated.

Work Package 3, lead by KENTEC but heavily involving its OR NTT, will develop a tool to predict the dimension that the profiles will take on cooling down and contracting. This tool will be based upon finite element analysis.

Work Package 4, lead by TECALEX an aluminium machine manufacturer, will research a mechatonical system for housing and moving the measurement sensor package.

There are two work major packages dedicated to the development activities:

  • In work package 5, lead by TECALEX, a prototype system will be made using the knowledge generated in the previous four work packages.
  • In work package 6, lead by TECALUM, the prototype will be tested to determine the proof of concept of the research and its future market readiness following re-engineering and industrialisation (activities which will be carried out after the project ends).

Dissemination work package

In Work Package 7, the knowledge generated and the results obtained within the project will be disseminated to the widest audience possible. To achieve this goal the following activities have been envisaged, dedicated multi language project site, seminars and presentations, articles in trade journals, and attendance at least one major trade fair.

Project coordination

The interactions between the various work packages can be seen in the following diagram:



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