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Energy Saving Intelligent Production System for Extruded Aluminium Profiles

ESIPSE-AI is a European Manunet project. MANUNET is part of ERA-NET network within the Seventh Framework Programme of the European Communities.

The ESIPSE-AI project has been funded by:

  • POR CReO  (Regional Operational Programme - objective "Regional Competitiveness and Employment), a European program through which the  "Region of Tuscany" supports investment projects for private companies and public entities in Tuscany.
  • ACC1, (an agency set up by the Catalan Government to make Catalan enterprise more competitive throughout the world. Its key aims are to drive innovation, internationalisation and attract inward investment) for the Region of Catalonia.

State of the Art

Current systems to control the dimensions of extruded aluminium profiles are deployed only after the profiles have had sufficient time to cool down and have reached their final dimensions. These systems have the drawback that much scrap material may be produced in the mean time prior to the discovery of the "out of specification" dimensions. 

Aim of the Project

ESIPSE-AI endeavors to realise an innovative and revolutionary 3D measurement system to go beyond the state of the art and measure the profiles, at the exit of the press, much earlier in the process than is currently possible when the profiles are still very hot and dilated. The early detection of out of specification material will result in much less scrap material actually being produced and its successive reworking leading to a considerable energy savings for both phases.

The Research Packages

  • Thermo dynamic process analysis
  • Shrinkage Modeling
  • Measurement System Design
  • Mechatronics System Development
  • System Integration
  • Proof of concept

The Process

The following links point to videos in which the extruded aluminium process is explained (courtesy of Tecalex & Tecalum):

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